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Sát Nhân Giấu Mặt: Chương 1

The Strangers: Chapter 1

2024 Trọn bộ 91 Phút 78 Âu Mỹ Anh

After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple are forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motives.

Đạo diễn: Renny Harlin

Thể loại: Kinh Dị

Diễn viên: Madelaine Petsch, Froy Gutierrez, Gabriel Basso, Ema Horvath, Richard Brake, Rachel Shenton, Ella Bruccoleri, George Young, Janis Ahern, Pedro Leandro

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(8.0 sao / 1 đánh giá)
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